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Note: This is an updated version of a part of our vinyl guidewhich was published in Choosing a favorite record is like choosing a significant other. Even a friend you normally respect and consider kin is liable to have wildly different, head-scratching taste.

If we missed your favorite, please forgive us. And maybe leave it in the comment section so we can steal it. In light of that, we aimed for a list of musically unforgettable albums that are further elevated by top-notch production. That said, some genres are under-represented, as the format tends to work better for some styles jazz, classical, acoustic more than others.

Jazz just works better on vinyl. Though only 26, Marling has been performing professionally for a decade, first as a member of Noah and the Whale, and then under her own criminally underrated singer-songwriter project. The album starts with four tracks that blend into one fluid reflection. If you can get your hands on the pricier Mobile Fidelity pressing, all the better.

From her straight-forward jazz-pop roots, Apple forges an electric menagerie of songs that pop and smolder in fits. This is a relatively deep cut, but a worthy inclusion to any record collection. Go figure that it took a Canadian band to make the best Americana rock album of all time. Famously recorded in a West Hollywood pool house, the album sounds remarkably intimate for how jovial it is, like Robertson and co were caught in a drunken sing-along with old friends.

Like jazz, the warm distortion of a vinyl record elevates the classical music listening experience. At bare minimum, put it on before your S. Like magic, it can turn the dirtiest den into a drawing room at the drop of a stylus. Conceived originally as a demo tape, there are no triumphant horn sections or pantomime-worthy electric guitar riffs in earshot. Instead, we get Springsteen stripped down to his barest essentials, which ends up sounding a lot like an early Bob Dylan transported to a small town in the early 80s.

A bad one, but still. The vinyl pressing is a wonderful example of how the medium can breath life into the music.

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Share via. Facebook Messenger. Copy Link. Copy link. Copy Copied.The Solo Jazz Pattern is the name given to an iconic blue, purple and white sketch pattern found on a type of waxed paper cup manufactured at first by Sweetheart Cup Company, beginning inand later acquired by the Solo Cup Company in The pattern, which has a long-standing fan base online, rose to mainstream popularity during a Reddit campaign to find its designer in The Solo Jazz pattern was created in the art department of the Sweetheart Cup Company in the early and began production across a variety of waxed paper products in A dedicated Facebook page was created on February 6th, ; as of Junethe page had more than 4, fans.

In April ofclothing company Inc created a line of clothing featuring the pattern, which quickly sold out after being featured in notable blogs like those of the Laughing Squid [7] and Pee Wee Herman. One reply was from user pdschatz, who claimed to have been one of the original re-appropriators of the image on dump.

From there, a journalist named Thomas Gounley picked up the search for a newspaper called the Springfield News-Leader, in Springfield Missouri, the region in which the cups were manufactured. He was able to track Gina down to Aurora, Illinois, and interview her for his story. He began with the five questions asked by mcglaven on Reddit. What does Springfield have to do with it?

70s Japanese Jazz Mix (Jazz-funk, Soul Jazz, Rare groove, Drum Breaks..)

View All Images. It's probably because it was a cup that was nearly everywhere in the s, and had a design memorable enough to evoke nostalgic feelings.

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No thanks, take me back to the meme zone! Like us on Facebook! The Solo Jazz Pattern About The Solo Jazz Pattern is the name given to an iconic blue, purple and white sketch pattern found on a type of waxed paper cup manufactured at first by Sweetheart Cup Company, beginning inand later acquired by the Solo Cup Company in Origin The Solo Jazz pattern was created in the art department of the Sweetheart Cup Company in the early and began production across a variety of waxed paper products in There are no videos currently available.

Solo Jazz Pattern Uploaded by Matt. Solo Jazz Pattern Uploaded by 3kole5. Solo Jazz Pattern Uploaded by Manifestopheles. Solo Jazz Pattern Uploaded by doesitmakesound. Top Comments Delete. Add a Comment. We see that you're using an ad-blocker! Infinite Scroll. You must login or signup first! Already a memeber? Login Now! Don't have an account? Sign up Now! Close [X]. Anisa Jomha's OnlyFans. Money Printer Go Brrr.Compiling a list of the best jazz albums of all time is a nigh-on impossible task.

With such a variety of styles to choose from — and no shortage of musicians who have contributed several groundbreaking works to the development of jazz — it quickly becomes clear that a mere handful of artists, or subgenres, could easily dominate the list.

Hopefully this means our selections are as rich, varied — and perhaps surprising — as the history of jazz itself. In the meantime, these 50 best jazz albums are essential for anyone looking to start a collection, or to go beyond classics they already know. Nevertheless, his two albums for the company were significant to the evolution of modern jazz. They also capture him at a notable juncture in his career, when he was developing his unique musical concepts.

Together they helped to patent an unmistakable signature sound defined by throbbing swing rhythms, taut ensemble work and incandescent soloing. A vivid snapshot of the Basie band in its youthful prime. Heavily influenced by the complex language of bebopin the late 40s Powell transposed the innovations of Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie onto the piano.

The album, which also featured a year-old Sonny Rollins, is one of the best jazz albums by a pianist; it tore up the rule book and served as a memorable introduction to a phenomenal musical talent. This live recording of Monk and Trane playing together for a charity benefit concert in November was thought lost until the master tape was discovered languishing in the vaults of the US Library Of Congress in A compelling portrait of two geniuses at work.

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St Louis guitarist Grant Green was prolific during two separate stints at Blue Note and, as his 29 albums for the company reveal, he recorded in a wide range of settings. Arguably the best of his LPs during his first tenure with the label — when he played hard bop — Idle Moments was recorded in and finds Green leading a sextet that includes tenor saxophonist Joe Henderson, pianist Duke Pearson who composed two of the songs on the album, including the sublime but subdued minute title tune and vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson.

Unlike some guitarists, Green never tried to overpower the listener with elaborate or flashy runs but preferred to pick out single-note melodies that stayed within the boundaries of good taste.

As well as swinging uptempo numbers with blaring horns, the album contains some beautifully subdued slower numbers defined by deft and subtle orchestral nuances. The complete version, with bonus material, was released in Though not a jazz pathfinder, he was prolific and produced a formidable body of work for Blue Note between and His 26 albums for the label are all strong, but none are quite as perfect as Soul Station.

Earns its place among the best jazz albums of all time by being one of the best albums on Blue Note. Despite passing away at the age of 25 from tuberculosis, Texas-born Christian did enough during his short career to achieve immortality and earn a place in the pantheon of jazz guitar greats.I must have it!! The word rare is also greatly misapplied in selling records.

rare jazz reddit

Records that are not at all rare are often described as such to boost auction prices. To bring some facts to bear on the subject, I have compiled some data from auction results, to identify the most expensive jazz records at auction, and how often they appear at auction, which are shown in the charts below. Many of these will be located in Japan, the biggest market in collectable jazz today. Authenticity is paramount — all the details of first-pressing status must be present.

Cover condition is highly important. As a listener, it is only the vinyl condition that matters to me, but for elite collectors it is the total artefact, especially the cover which must be perfect: no seam-splits, dinged corners, ringwear, or peeling laminate, and most important, no writing on the cover or labels — meaning no previous owners names, which includes unverifiable autographs.

Be warned, these most desirable titles have been repressed and reissued over many years. It is very common for children or partners to inherit a loved-ones collection, search the Internet and become very excited that grandpa had a copy of say, Hank Mobley Blue Notewhich turns out on closer inspection to be a Japanese reissue from the s.

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High-end records have always been rare and expensive and the province of high-end collectors. They rarely found their way into the collections of those with more modest means. Bear in mind that auction prices are the result of auctions, where collectors compete to buy a record, which is not necessarily the same as dealer or shop prices.

25 of the Best Big Band Recordings of All Time!

There are many cases where, in a moment of madness, one bidder has got caught out with an inflated bid, and found themselves paying twice the next highest historical price, plus postage tracking insurance and customs charges. Some records come up for auction much more frequently than their alleged scarcity would suggest, Mobley a case in point, which is a frequently traded item. High-end collectable records can be a good investment, though some artists have drifted out of fashion and proved a poor investment.

His long-suffering wife serves up baked beans on toast. On alert, Del-boy demands:. Where did you get these? It is much smaller than the high-end rock pop classical reggae singles collector tribes. Outside of the jazz world, the truly rare and expensive records are associated with rock and pop history. Another is the last autograph John Lennon gave on a record cover before being shot dead by Mark Chapman.

But my favourite curio I read of was a record from the estate of Jimi Hendrix which Jimi had been playing when he cut his hand on a broken glass, leaving Hendrix blood in the grooves, verified by the DNA match. At least you can play a record.

Email me some photos of the covers of a selection, spread out on the floor, around ten in a picture.

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LJC replies — Maggy.The free lofi piano loops, samples and sounds listed here have been kindly uploaded by other users. If you use any of these lofi piano loops please leave your comments.

Read the loops section of the help area and our terms and conditions for more information on how you can use the loops. Please contact us to report any files that you feel may be in breach of copyright or our upload guidelines. This list only shows free lofi piano loops that have the word lofi piano in the title or description. Use the search box to find more free lofi piano loops and samples. Description : With the right drums and effects, this could easily become a banger. Leave a link below to what you use with this.

Midi available just comment. Description : Simple lofi piano chord progression with effects - reverb, delay, chorus etc Check profile for midi Comment beats and ill listen. Description : Simple lofi piano chord progression dry no effects Check profile for midi Comment beats and ill listen. Description : I composed this piano loop in C Major. Feel free to share what you create with this loop. More info in my profile! Description : This loop features an echoing piano playing some chords.

This loop is royalty free :. Description : Hey guys i made a tut on how to get lofi effects on your loops in my YT. Description : Hope you can use it! If you want a custom loop, you can send me a private message or leave a comment. Description : Works well with the Guitar, Rhodes, and Bass loops i posted separately which you can find on my profile : link any heat you make so I can check it out.

Description : let me know what you think. Description : hmu for midi, kits or custom loops send me a message info in bio. Description : Thanks for rockin with me! Drop a comment with your beat or song! To contact me or download the MIDI just click my profile picture!

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25 of the Best Big Band Recordings of All Time!

Majulah 11th Apr Description : Show me what you can create with it! DM me for custom loops! YungFeddi 10th Apr FlowerBeatss 9th Apr Tags : bpm Blues Loops Piano Loops 2.

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AwesomeLoops69 8th Apr LilPeepee 5th Apr Getting advice from different points of view is one of the best ways to get insights and fuel our inspiration, so take advantage of these very interesting answers and try to incorporate them into your practice. Let's start with the first question.

Chord progressions are the foundation of music: we all know the popular rock-blues progression I IV Vor the four-chords sequence used in the most of pop-rock songs I V vi IVbut now we'd like to learn some new and unusual progressions. So we asked our guitar teachers:. Then you go on to the Dm7 and G " In other words, I love you ". If you play it at the 8th fret, and keep your pinky on the B string 8th fretit feels like an unusually tight and smooth piece of voice-leading.

Jesse Paliotto - theguitarjournal. So many to choose from, so I'll go with what's been on my playlist recently. The opening section of Dave Brubeck's Strange Meadow Lark always leaves me motionless and wide-mouthed with awe, as does anything from Bill Evans. But that's jazz. More down the mainstream, Killer Queen by Queen is an underrated if only because of the hype of Bohemian Rhapsody masterpiece of almost unfathomably meandering modulation.

And I must add It's Not Me by Supergrass yes, the band that brought us that crudely pop-tastic "Alright" for its unpredictable, albeit structured changes that still sound as fresh today as they did when I was studying for my GCSE's. Incidentally and unashamedly, Supergrass remains one of my favourite rock bands of all time. Mike Beatham - fretjam.

rare jazz reddit

Oscar Steen - guitar-chord. Original Star Trek theme.

rare jazz reddit

Alexander Courage rocks! Very much an orchestrated piece with horns and lots of depth. Lots of jazz influence in a style that was prevalent in many of the TV shows during the mid 60's.

Key of Bb at bpm. My best recollection of the essential chords progression would go something like this: Of course there's a lot of nuance in the original, but the above transcript gives you the basic idea. The Cmaj7 modulation is nicely dissonant, and the last phrase has a very cool progression built over staggered V's that lead to the penultimate II IV I finale. Steve Blundon - guitarniche.

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I like chords that move in 3rdsas opposed to 4ths in traditional harmony. So chord progressions like Amaj7-Cmaj7-Emaj7 etc. They push me to think outside the normal harmonic norms and explore other options beyond my normal bag of tricks when comping and soloing.

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The most rare and valuable jazz records

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