Prado secondary fuel filter

By OlivettaJuly 18, in Prado. We have "broken down" three times with our Prado Grande built Septpurchased Mar Travelled only km. Problem has been isolated to flow of fuel from second tank.

On the first 2 times, we were told that it was dirty diesel, but after the two tanks were emptied and cleaned twice and all filters changed now three times sincethere must be another answer. If we run on first fuel tank there is no problem -- runs beautifully!

When we get to a little above halfway on second tank, the engine dies. Most disturbing in the middle of outback Queensland!! We were told by a bush mechanic that some solenoids in the vehicles were faulty, but this one apparently doesn't have a solenoid.

Must have an alternative valve or system. Any chance it can be the fuel injectors are clogged? You could try putting fuel injector cleaner into your car. I use Fuel Doctor as a fuel injector cleaner.

Don't know if this going to be any help but sounds like that there is a fault with the pick up in that tank. I had a new pick up fitted into the tank and have had no more problems since. I know that the Prado Draws fuel from both tanks at the same time so you would have to work out which tank is causing the issue.

Hope this gives you some direction to look in. As a new member who had a few problems with stalling, can I offer this help. Never have let anyone before service my many vehicles. So moved towns, mechanic recommended, and had service. Started using primer pump, and this fixed problem.Water and small particle contaminants are the biggest issue to modern common-rail diesel motors. The problem is the incredibly fine tolerances within these fuel systems, especially the injectors.

While older mechanical injection diesels could put up with lower quality fuel without too much drama, a big swig of contaminated diesel could completely kill your common rail fuel system. The root cause of these issues is twofold. Firstly the fuel quality itself. Secondly, the factory fuel filtration systems are not sufficient to deal with the poor quality of fuel that we can encounter in Australia.

As the name suggests this is a secondary filter which sits after the factory filter.

Fuel Water Separator Kits

This new addition will filter out particles down to 2 microns in size. To put that in perspective, a strand of human hair is about microns wide and a red blood cell is approx.

prado secondary fuel filter

It also boasts a water separator and a glass bowl for viewing fuel quality. The bottom of the glass bowl has a drainage tap that can be opened to remove captured water from the filter. With such a comprehensive filtration system, I can travel safe in the knowledge that my engine is protected from contaminated fuel.

Installation of this kit was an easy DIY job. Everything you need for the install is included in the kit, fuel hose, clamps and a vehicle specific mounting bracket.

The hardest part about the installation for me was relocating various aftermarket relays that I had mounted in the position the new filter would reside. After the path was cleared, it was a simple task of bolting the bracket into place in the engine bay using the existing factory mounting points.

Before mounting the filter to the vehicle you need to fit the brass hose fittings into the appropriate positions on the filter body. Remember to use the supplied thread sealant to avoid any fuel leaks. After the sealant has cured, you can mount the filter to the bracket and measure out your required hose lengths. Take care to properly clean the area; you do not want to inadvertently contaminate your own fuel system!

As this is a secondary fuel filter, you need to disconnect the outlet side of your factory filter. Now connect it to the inlet side of the Diesel Care filter.

You then connect the outlet side of the Diesel Care filter to the fuel inlet on your fuel pump. Ensure you make clean, square cuts with a sharp knife when cutting the supplied fuel hose to size. Secure all new plumbing with the included hose clamps.The Prado redefines the rugged 4WD, with exhilarating performance, ground-breaking off-road capabilities and breathtakingly bold new looks. Even if, Prado has had several facelifts in its production years, the process to replace the fuel filter is the same throughout.

The Fuel filter also has the power to clean fuel of particulates before it reaches to the engine. Fuel filter must be altered every 42 km. This job must not take you more than 20 minutes for completing. Fuel filter replacement is rather an easy task for Toyota Prado. Below are a few easy to follow tips for fuel filter replacement. Toyota Prado makes use of a fuel filter to eliminate rust as well as debris from reaching the engine.

If debris or rust in the fuel stream gets through to the engine, there are chances of damage to several components.

The fuel filter, which is positioned in line between the engine and the fuel tank, plays a major role to prevent damage to the components. It removes all rust or dust particles from reaching to the engine.

Suggested intervals for replacing fuel filters may vary slightly depending on the automobile model. It can be beneficial to change the filter after every 30 to 40,km or months depending on the usage of the vehicle. This is a standard recommended interval.

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However, you should determine when you need to change the filter. When you find the filter dirty during vehicle inspection, replace it. Never neglect a clogged or dirty filter. Failure to replace fuel filters may hit hard on your pocket later.

Changing the filter at regular intervals will help you get the best out of your Japanese vehicles. There is no need to seek for an expert aid for changing the filter.

You can save your hard earned money by changing it on your own. With little efforts and some knowledge you can do it in an easy and effective manner.

Fuel filter replacement tips for Toyota Prado

Otherwise, you can start the procedure with few things. Things that you will need for fuel filter replacement include replacement filter, vehicle jack, tube pliers, disposable towels, screwdriver, plastic gloves, and crescent wrench and tube pliers.

With this step, it completes the replacement procedure for fuel filter. So, when next time you find that there is need to replace the filter, you can change the filter easily on you own. Please do not expose yourself. To some people Avensis is SO yesterday. Give us something else the next time you want to show off!You know why they put the car dealership defibrillators in the service department? Well, if you want to find out, a good place to start is to own a Toyota Hilux diesel that needs a new particle filter.

A quarter of the cost of a replacement brand new SR5. Oh, what a feeling I loves me a good diesel - so much low-rpm power. So breathtakingly frugal on fuel. So effortless for towing. So safe for refuelling in the bush, from a jerry can. I can see why people buy them. DPFs are designed to trap dangerous particles known to cause respiratory and cardiovascular disease.

DPFs - diesel particle filters - are a great concept. They take out the dangerously small carbon nanoparticles that diesel engines are so good at pumping out the exhaust port - trap them, and burn them into a parallel dimension through a wormhole in space-time. Straight to the Phantom Zone - where they cannot give you lung cancer. Because nobody wants that. To quote the marketing euphemistic bullshit, DPFs are maintenance free and designed to last the life of the vehicle.

Kinda like Jesus on a treadmill, in a stainless steel casket, minus the cross and the miracle. In fact a DPF, as a system, would have to be one of the dodgiest, least reliable systems on a modern car. No lung cancer? Have that wrapped and sent to my suite.

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Like a guide to how not to integrate something new into a modern engine. And the engineers tasked with bolting this system on were handed a design brief that - apparently - included requiring all DPF-supporting systems to function perfectly until the end of time. It appears that this sounded like a bit too much hard work. Thinking of stacking the deck in your favour? Alternatively, not all DPF systems appear to be created equal - I never get complaints about Hyundai-Kia diesels which seem to be pretty good at passive regeneration and I rarely get them on Mazda vehicles, either.

DPF blockage is a symptom, not a problem.

prado secondary fuel filter

Like a headache is a symptom, and drinking 14 bottles of tequila last night is the problem. You have to jump in the De Lorean, go back in time, and prevent your mother meeting your father, thus preventing the brain-crushing hangover you are experiencing today. It might be simpler than that - but only just. City driving is generally inadequate to allow a filter-regenerating burn. It could be a problem with the inlet air plumbing - lots of DPFs fail this way.The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience.

Please click Accept Cookies to continue to use the site. The world-famous Fuel Manager Filtration system was introduced in the s marking a major advancement in the diesel industry.

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Today, this world class Fuel Filtration system is in production and continues to be in high demand by our OEM customer because they know it offers superior protection for all engine-powered equipment whether mobile or stationary.

Engineered to meet and exceed all engine and vehicle OE requirements, this filtration system is a unique, modular system and is highly customisable. Fuel Manager.

Max Flow rate : 80 U. S Gallons Fuel Manager Optional Hand PrimerAn optional Hand Primer quickly purges air from the fuel system after an element change, maintaining flow integrity on vacuum-side filter applications. What is Fuel Manager Spare Element 5 Micron 3. Fuel Manager Spare Element 2 Micron 2.

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prado secondary fuel filter

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Toyota Prado 120-150 Series – Secondary Fuel Filter Kit – DCS006

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I will take my patrol back there! Thank you once again! Fantastic service and great honest work, nothing done that didn't need it. These guys really looked after me and I'm wrapped with the results. I would thoroughly recommend and wont take my car anywhere else! Thanks guys! Professional business. Found problem with fuel system that the car dealers did not. Highly recommend. Contact Us.

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