How does personal loot work in bfa

Most of the information I find when doing google searches is incomplete or years old. So if anyone could clarify this confusion for me, that would be great. There are approximately a zillion pages on the net about WoW stuff. People make them all the time. Then the game changes, fro expansion to expansion and even from patch to patch, and the pages people made become out of date.

Wowhead keeps the current database pretty well up to date. So for any questions about items or quests, your search will probably start and end at Wowhead.

how does personal loot work in bfa

Sometimes, items can drop from any mob in a specific zone. Sometimes, items can drop from any mob in an expansion. Usually, items drop from specific sets of mobs. For example, if you hit the Wowhead page for Glorious Breastplate, it will tell you which mobs it drops from, and a guess at the drop rate, based on people who use their client addon recording it:.

Wowhead is one of the Three Essential Sites you need to bookmark to get around this game. The others are:. YouTube is also a good source of information. Check the date on the video before you rely on it.

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Alright, thanks! Like can I come back at level and farm the pertinent enemies if I so choose, or should I try to grind out kills before level 60? The way it works now is that the loot scales to your level - up to the level of the expansion.

So at 60, you will see all Classic loot scaled to 60, and if you come back atyou will still see all Classic loot scaled to Great, thanks! Can confirm that it is perfectly accurate and got just a tiny, little, extra info why it is good to visit some content on the higher level rather than on the lower one.

Big Love Rocket can only be obtained by characters on level or higher. This topic was automatically closed 30 days after the last reply.TLDR: Personal Loot system sucks and they should allow us to choose what loot system we want to use again. So rant time.

There are many things wrong with the game right now, I still enjoy the game and play it, even though I remember better times and happier times playing in the past.

Which leads me to Personal Loot. However, we also have some people that cannot get their trinkets and other items from mythic and are still trying to get them in heroic. One such trinket is the dps one off Mekka. We had our tanks swap their rolls to dps and had dps there, all trying to get this guy his trinket.

The trinket drops… and it rolls ilvl for one of the tanks. He cannot trade it to our dps that needs it, HE ALSO does not need it since he is a tank and never plays dps… The trinket that our dps needed… gets put into our tanks bank to never be used. I do not understand, if a guild wants to use personal loot, by all means let them make that choice. But, if a guild wants to use the master loot system then they should also have the choice to do so.

Not to mention, the main reason blizzard got rid of Master Loot was to stop split runs, yet split runs are still happening… and guilds that do not split run are still being punished by losing their Master Loot system. There are so many other things Blizzard has changed that I do not agree with and have made the game less fun to play overall. Although, I do not think any change has affected me more than making Personal Loot a mandatory loot system. Or it being actual gear in a progression guild that had gear drop that either A.

You can literally choose personal loot though with master loot in the game. In legion you could choose to use personal loot or master loot and you could choose to join a guild that uses personal loot.

We can have both, we literally did in legion and it worked out great. Master loot was taken away because people were crying over letting themselves get used in ML groups. Yes, they chose to run with people who use ML and instead of doing the logical thing when they didnt agree with it, which is to find a group who use a loot system they preferred, they whined until ML was taken away. People will say things like the raid leaders were gearing the friend, spouse, GF.

But the only reason those sort of guild stay afloat is because would stay around and get used then complain, instead of leaving and letting the guild die. Other complain they had to trial for a few weeks before they even for gear, most guilds bring trials in for farm content and although they will get lower priority over main raiders alot of times the loot isnt needed by those raiders as they already have gear.

Most of these people overlook the otherside where people come along to trial, gear up and leave. Which again is a rare occurance but it does happen on occasion.

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Addition: PL would be perfectly fine if they removed the trade restrictions on items. Being unable to trade an item becuase its not an upgrade but is 5ilvls higher than what you have is horrible. Selfishly I enjoy getting a drop and then not worrying about it being given to someone else.

Wrong, Personal Loot was one of the better changes they made to the game. As if you are ever gonna get master loot back, nice try though.I was still thinking through post-SoO lockouts when I made my first comment, which is where they work based on difficulty.

Instead of changing the difficulty while outside the raid though, walk in the entrance and then change it to the setting you want to use. The change done while inside should give you a loading screen and then you should be on the setting you want. Lockouts at a Glance Raid lockouts limit the number of times a character can kill a boss in a week for a chance at obtaining loot from that boss.

Throughout the years, different raid lockout systems have been used, and multiple systems exist in the game depending on the system used at the time a raid was introduced. This will display your current lockouts, and time left until they reset. That would be correct if you had killed everything in there already. Multiple boss kills per week is something only available on the Loot-based Lockout system, Siege of Orgrimmar and newer raids.

This topic was automatically closed 30 days after the last reply. New replies are no longer allowed. How does raid lockout work? Dungeons, Raids and Scenarios. Rainstorm-draenor Rainstorm April 22,pm 2. It never worked like that? It was always tied to the difficulty, not the size of the group. Rainstorm-draenor Rainstorm April 22,pm 4. Tizaksul April 23,pm 5. Below is a quote from an old post we had explaining the various raid lockouts. There are three types of raid lockouts used in the game.

You can kill a boss as many times per week as you like, but only loot it once per difficulty.

how does personal loot work in bfa

Raid sizes can be anywhere from 10 to 30 players, and difficulty automatically scales to match.Blizzard announced that guild raids will no longer have a Master loot option — all loot will be Personal loot. If the item is equal or lower iLevel, it can be traded. The Internet is full of debates on the merits and flaws of each system. Click for full size.

how does personal loot work in bfa

Loot funneling efforts would make the boss would die mere seconds sooner. As the infographic shows, if you fall 3 upgrades behind other players on your team, that would result in about a 2. Of course, 2.

Those middle people are doing really well. And why are the bottom 5 not performing better? What do they need to succeed? Your trinket procs, crits, and how things time up are all subject to randomness. So that helps put this in perspective. So some assumptions have to be made.

Here is the full list of those assumptions. After looking at the data, and seeing how little impact it actually has on team progression outside of split raidswe like the change. We provide World of Warcraft players with data-driven, actionable advice. We spend our time doing research outside the game, so you can spend more time having fun in game. Robot's Blog. Use the tools on AskMrRobot. A split run is where a team takes their roster of 20 and split them up into 4 farm teams, for example.

A lot of people really love it, or really hate it. Click for full size Personal vs Master loot system — a few thoughts from Mr. Of course, split raiding will be greatly impacted. Will I fall really far behind if I get unlucky with Personal loot? On Master loot: the boss drops 1 item for every 5 people. I assume no trades are happening.

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The boss has 20 items it could drop and you can equip 5 of them. About us We provide World of Warcraft players with data-driven, actionable advice.How does World Quest item ilvl scaling work?

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In Development. BFA Items and Classes. Blargeh-sargeras Blargeh 14 November 1. Hey everyone, I haven't been able to figure out how world quest item scaling works works. I currently am ilvl and still see ilvl and drops on the world. According to mmo-champion, which I assume must be wrong, the world drop scaling goes up to based on your own ilvl.

Increasing your item level also increases your world quest rewards item level. Does anyone know how this works? Thanks, and good luck out there! Dzdz-kilrogg Dzdz 14 November 2. It goes up to but does not guarantee a Butterknives-proudmoore Butterknives 14 November 3.

What is funny is that my SO's druid see different ilvls based on which spec they're on. Feral:Resto: They opened a ticked and the gm just dismissed saying it's random, but clearly something is up. Kzi-sargeras Kzi 14 November 4. You put a coin in the rng slot machine and pray you are rewarded somewhat porportionatley for your time invested though you will see some people get ilvl in a day of good luck and some not have it even when Uldir releases.

That is how it works bru. Tryl-shadow-council Tryl 14 November 5. Yeah, I'm not a fan of the bfa world quests so far.WoW Classic. In Development Discuss our in-development content. Support Problem installing? In-game or account issues? Reporting bugs? Come and join us here in Support. Classes For all your class discussion needs.

Guides New to World of Warcraft or returning after some time away? Come and join us. Gameplay Gameplay discussion for World of Warcraft. Recruitment Searching for a guild or community? Or do you want to advertise yours? Come on in!

how does personal loot work in bfa

Lore Discuss World of Warcraft Lore or share your original fan fiction, or role-play. Off-Topic For all your non-Blizzard game discussions. Deviate Delight. Old Blanchy. Arcanite Reaper. Aerie Peak. Area Bleeding Hollow. Burning Legion.By StanFebruary 21, in News. Blizzard will be reverting the change back in Battle for Azeroth by activating something called "legacy loot mode". You can learn more about transmog in our section! Once these updates are implemented, entering a dungeon or raid that is trivial for you i.

The thing I'm the most impressed and happy for here is Blizzard's recent initiative to take responsibility and make every attempt to set things right. That's really one of the best qualities any gaming company and heck, any company in general could possibly have, and many lack it. A true reason why Legion was so successful certainly comes down to this, and how Blizzard has changed to meet the needs of the playerbase. I have been suggesting this since the xmog system launched. But once again, they botched it up.

Master loot Vs Personal Loot Legion

Rings, trinkets, and other similar items still hamper the player's ability to collect the items effectively. Items need to be unlockable to all characters regardless of which toon gets the item. Dungeons and Raids should be dropping the max amount of items possible.

I think Blackwing Descent drops like 10 to 12 items?.

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Whereas KZ still drops a mediocre items. And no repeats!. Will be a hidden feature as it's hard to promise that rng will be gone and yet keep looting still exciting. Actually it would be fairly simple. Blizzard would just need to set the loot tables during Legacy Loot Mode to drop max items and to remove non-transmog items from those loot tables. I see some complaints about rings, necklaces, and trinkets still dropping. I would argue that those items are not entirely worthless; they can still be disenchanted and the yield can be sold on the auction house.

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